The Crucial Roll of Pipe Insulation In The Bakken

Pipe Insulation 
In The Bakken
 Oil Market:

“Together, we create amazing insulation that reduces lifecycle costs, maximizes production, and preserves energy, for the benefit of all.” – PipeGlove
In the vast Bakken oil market, an efficient and reliable infrastructure plays a pivotal role in ensuring the smooth extraction, production, and distribution of oil and gas. Among the numerous components involved, PipeGlove’s reusable insulation stands out as indispensable.

>This article explores PipeGlove’s removable, reusable insulation…emphasizing its impact on operational efficiency, environmental considerations, and long-term sustainability.


In the Bakken oil and gas play, where extraction and transportation processes are executed on a large scale, pipe insulation is crucial for maintaining operational efficiency. Insulated piping helps to preserve oil, gas and water temperatures and maintain proper viscosities, particularly in freezing temperatures.


frozen pump

When the need to modify, repair or inspect existing plumbing is necessary, conventional tin clad insulation is extremely difficult to reuse, at best! Most plumbing changes require re-insulation…meaning another insulating service call…not so with PipeGlove.

Its modular, custom-fit design provides a glove-like fitment to pipes, fittings and valves. It’s quickly installed in any weather conditions, easily removed for plumbing changes and inspection thus, easily reused – over and over again – like the installers gloves. In fact, you should think of it as a reusable glove that was custom-made for your plumbing, the end result being even more cost savings!


PipeGlove utilizes Hook and Loop -fastening componentry – no awkward buckles, hooks or cords. No longer are tin snips, sheet metal screws and caulk sealants required. Nor are there any accompanying, potentially-harmful, jagged tin edges. Power tools are a thing of the past. No more accidental cut and costly damaged heat-trace…Saving you money and time! In other words…efficient!


Environmental Considerations | Asbestos Free:

The Bakken oil market operates in an era of heightened environmental awareness, demanding responsible and sustainable practices. PipeGlove’s insulation plays a role in fulfilling these environmental considerations. By minimizing heat loss to piping and increased life expectancy to insulation, PipeGlove is contributing to the mitigation of climate change. Additionally, it’s made in the USA with materials that are asbestos free, water resistant, reusable, and only requires a pair of hands to install (no power tools required). The adoption of proper custom fitted insulation, aligns with global environmental goals.


PipeGlove’s fitted wraps act as a protective barrier against corrosion, preventing direct contact between the metal pipe and potentially corrosive elements. PipeGlove’s outer-and-inner shell is engineered with an aerospace grade silicone impregnated fiberglass skin offering excellent resistance to moisture and chemical degradation.

Water (moisture) is the enemy of outdoor insulation and piping! It attacks in many forms, from torrential rains, to snow, ice, and humidity. And the challenge of any type of insulation jacketing is to prevent the infiltration of moisture. Once moisture ingresses to the insulation – over time – ultimately renders its insulative values useless. Not to mention the inevitable and irreversible effects of corrosion on metal piping due to compromised jacketing and wet, moisture laden insulation. PipeGlove is purposely-built and engineered with asbestos free insulation and its patented “Stay-Dry Insulation” design. By mitigating wet insulation and corrosive effects to piping, PipeGlove reduces maintenance costs, minimizes downtime, and enhances sustainability.

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